Design Feature 1 - Le Cirque Noir

Design Feature 1 - Le Cirque Noir

This set of available designs forms a series named Le Cirque Noir. A series of circus people and animals perform amazing tricks!

Le Cirque Noir

I used these designs to create a series of tee shirts for my children, and my cousin’s children last Christmas (2015). I used the same thread colours throughout the designs, giving the series a cohesive look.

I used the mouse for Mr J, who was still in size 1, as the design is a little smaller than the others. I removed the background to make it match the other designs better, and make it less heavy on the tee shirt.

It’s fairly unlikely that all the children will ever be in the same place at the same time, wearing their tee shirts - but if that ever happens, I’ll be sure to get a photo!

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