Colour your own

Colour your own

Colour your own

"Colour your own", the tee-shirts your kids can colour in themselves.


These designs come as outlines only, and are intended to be combined with a white garment and washable fabric pens. Allow your kids to express their artistic side and colour their tee shirts. We have a mix of simple bold designs, and more intricate designs as appropriate for the artists ability.

See the designs in our gallery!

These designs work best on a white garment such as our "ice" kids tee-shirt or "bindi" baby tee-shirt, we can include a set of washable fabric pens as an optional extra.

Alternatively, you can use permanent fabric markers for a lasting reminder of your childs artistic talent, perhaps on an apron as a gift for a grandparent or other family member.


These are available on a bindi from $25 or an ice tee from $30. Add a set of washable fabric pens for only $5.

Buy on a Kids ice tee Buy on a Baby Bindi tee

See what happened when our kids and their friends made their own tee shirts on our facebook page.

For a limited time only, save $5 on each item by using the gift certificate code RAINBOW.

The optional pens are Crayola pip squeaks washable markers and come in a box of 8 colours; firefly red, orange butterfly, little lemon, leprechaun green, blue jay, desert flower, tiny toad brown, and toy poodle black.

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