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We really know where our towels are, they’re in our shop!

We have just added a range of towels to our products.

Available in 2 ranges, both 100% cotton; the Plush at 600gm² and the Elite at 500gm² (Bath mats higher gm²).

Plush towels range Elite towels range

You can add any of our designs (such as the one below), including any customisations, or simply add a name.

Don't Panic (large friendly letters)

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Embroidered Soft Toys now available

Embroidered Soft Toys now available

Special embroidery on children’s soft toys.

We are pleased to announce that we now have 2 ranges of children’s soft toys available in our online shop.

Bears or Bunnies, Cats or Dogs, Horses or Hedgehogs, Dragons or Unicorns and many many more. Each one can be embroidered with a design from our wide range, and can also be customised with names, dates, or something extra special for your child.

Embroidered Soft Toys

These toys are fantastic when combined with a custom name and/or date for you child, perhaps using the birthdate for a newborn.

To make this easier, we have added the option to add your own text to any or our designs at no extra cost.

Simply choose the custom text option and enter the text you desire.

We also have a new selection of designs which are intended to be customised with your own text, for example names, dates, and/or baby details. These are prefect for the bellies of our soft toys as a gift for a child or a new baby.

Designs intended to be customised!

Embroidered Soft Toys

Check out Cubbies and Embroider Buddies in our online shop below.

Bibs and Colour your own on Etsy

Bibs and Colour your own on Etsy

Pre-made items on Etsy.

We usually made to order, but as we recently attended our first market we have some pre-made stock to sell.


The items on offer are a selection of Colour Your Own Tee-shirts and some items not yet available in our on-line shop, embroidered baby bibs.

A variety of designs and sizes are available, and of course if you don’t see what you want we can also make to order.

Baby Bib Colour Your Own Tee-Shirt

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Design Feature 6 - Too Cute!

Design Feature 6 - Too Cute!

These designs are just “Too Cute”

These “Too Cute” creatures are all done in a similar style - filled in with stitching and nice thick outlines (which makes them great for our Colour Your Own Tees). The filling in makes them fairly heavy, which means that they work well on plush items like towels, and soft toys (more on those next month!) I also have used them to great effect when testing child-sized aprons. There are still many more of these designs which I don’t own (yet) - the little werewolf is next on my list!

Too Cute Mermaid Too Cute T-Rex Too Cute Dragon Too Cute Mummy Too Cute Sea Monster Too Cute Unicorn

See Too Cute designs in our Gallery!

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☠ Yo Ho Me Hearties Yo Ho! ⚓

☠ Yo Ho Me Hearties Yo Ho! ⚓

☠ AHOY MATEY!!!!! ⚓

Embroidered Hoodies, Tee-shirts, Polos, and Aprons!

Monday 19th September be International Talk like a Pirate day, to celebrate we at Cloth Yaaarrrns be giving ye a special gift certificate code worth $5.00 off any item with a ☠ pirate design.

Enter the code “YOHO” On checkout to receive the booty.

Pirate in Training Octo Hugs

Ye can see all the designs in our gallery tagged with the ☠ pirates_nautical ⚓ tag.

Feast ye eyes on our Pirate designs!

Order now, and we will speed them to ye on a raft made of sea turtles!

Skilled Sailor Strong Anchors

Yo Ho Me Hearties Yo Ho!

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