September has not gone to plan

September - what a month!  It started off quite normally - my parents got home from holidays and I was able to give Mum the skirts she ordered from me before they went away.  They turned out quite nicely, if I say so myself, and she looks great in them!

Then, we had a small hiccup - or not so small, as it turned out.  Mr 5 fell from the monkey bars at school and broke his arm above the elbow, requiring surgery to put pins in, 24 hours in hospital, and a very large and heavy cast until the pins could come out (three and a half weeks later).

Because of the size and weight of the cast, getting dressed was a challenge, so I modified a few of his t-shirts and pjs, to make life just a little bit easier.  When you're having to help your very active five year old do absolutely everything, anything that makes things easier is a huge help!

Having a broken arm hasn't really slowed him down much - Marc caught him jumping on the couch a couple of days after surgery, and I think "Don't run!" or "Slow down!" have come out of my mouth more times in the past 4 weeks than they ever have before!  Fortunately, he got his pins out this week, and is now in a smaller, lighter cast which makes everything a lot easier.  Another couple of weeks and we'll be back to normal, and I think everyone is looking forward to that.