Shorts and Sewing Lessons

Miss 7 does not wear shorts, or pants.  Ever.  I have fights with her almost every morning over the need to wear little underwear shorts under her school dresses. One of the pattern designers I like has a pattern for some super cute girl's shorts - and I really wanted to buy the pattern because they're so cute, and yet I would never get to make them, because Miss 7 is so particular.  Pattern Emporium (another Aussie designer!) make great pants.  I use her patterns for all of Mr 3's pants.  I kept trying to convince myself to buy the pattern, but kept talking myself out of it.  Then there was a sale!  So I bought it.  You can imagine my surprise when I bribed Miss 7 into trying them on for the photos and she said, "Actually, these are quite nice."

Honestly, I almost fell over!  It turns out that she doesn't like things that sit around her waist.  All these years of not wearing pants, because the waist came up too high!  So I promptly made her three more pairs.  And two more for school.

I've also been teaching her how to sew.  For her birthday last month, she got a gift card to Spotlight, so we went and bought some fabric.  She made this dress herself, with only a little bit of help from me - honestly, who wants to hem a circle skirt?  I'd let someone else do it while I played Lego and read books too, if I could get away with it!

She did a great job!  If you noticed the cover photo, that was Mr 3, showing her how it's done - his play dough pizza cutter didn't work quite as well as my rotary cutter, but the thought was there!