Slow start to 2019

We've had a gorgeous slow start to 2019.  We took the first week of the year off for family time - spent some time with my family before reopening via facebook.  We originally intended to launch the new shop when we reopened, but it's taken a little longer than we thought it would - there's so many more variables when you need everything to be automated!  We'll get there soon - I have to weigh and measure a bunch of products so that the postage can be automatically calculated, but honestly, I'd rather be sewing!

Marc and I also took the kids away for a week - he was working, of course, but we had several friends come by for a day, so it was a pretty busy time, even though it was relaxing!  Of course, I took my sewing machine with me, but I was hindered by our printer deciding that it didn't want to print any more!  Marc finally got it working again after about a week!  A new printer looks to be on our horizon.  Super frustrating, because it delayed me by a week with my latest sewing project, which is directly related to...

I will be involved in this blog tour, featuring Amanda Brandl's new fabric range, which is starting very soon! I am very excited about it, Amanda's fabric is always so lovely to work with, you can really feel the quality while you're working with it.  Check out Amanda's Blog to see the start of the tour!  I'm up in late January, but you should absolutely check out all the other beautiful things that everyone else is making!