Two Rush Orders

Two Rush Orders

Two Rush Orders

It’s been busy here this week, two rush orders and I still have 6 more aprons to make by the end of the month.


A custom design for a friend whose kids call their grandfather “grumpy” :)

Not the best photo, it was designed this afternoon, stitched out this evening and collected tonight, so photo was taken inside with a flash!

Hip Kitty

Hip kitty (small) in silver grey thread with blue glasses on a purple t-shirt

This design is available in 2 sizes, small (approx 60mm x 100mm) and large (approx 105mm x 170mm)

Hip Kitty on a Ladies Ice Tee

Whip It Good

Red apron, green and gold thread - I chose a lemon lime for the green with a muted gold, to ensure it didn’t look too Christmassy!

For more designs which look fantastic on aprons checkout designs with our “awesome on aprons” tag.

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It’s nice to be busy!

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