Fundraising Apron Drive

We’ve been quiet the past couple of weeks; but we’ve been busy behind the scenes!

Our latest undertaking has been organising a fundraiser for Miss 5’s school. We are offering school parents a choice of 6 different coloured aprons, with one of 6 different single-colour designs on it, with the school getting $10 from each apron sold, and the aprons being delivered in time for Mother’s Day.

I adjusted 3 designs to be single colour (the other 3 were already one-colour) and made an apron in each of the offered colours with the available designs for people to look at, and the notices went home last week. Hopefully we’ll be very busy over the Easter break!

We’ve also had an enquiry about doing the same for Father’s Day for a local kindergarten - so I have put together some options for that too. Lots of fun for me, hopefully they prove to be popular!