Happy Christmas!

I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that I got all my baking done in time!  We had pulled pork, chicken wings, unbaked ham, chilli and lime salmon, cheese, gin olives and dips for starter, and berries, cherries and yogurt for dessert.  It went down perfectly! The rest of my family each brought a salad to go with it, so we had lots of food.  And I did get my Christmas cakes made!

In terms of sewing, I made these two simple skirts for two girls who will be joining us for Christmas.  I like both of them, and I hope they do too!  The peacock one is a size 14, which is a double width (sizes 10 and up are double width) and the red is a size 7 with a paper bag waist.

We don't have shirts, however - a friend paid an invoice after I closed and I feel like I have to sew paid items before I can do personal sewing... So Mr 4 misses out this year, but at least he already has fabric for next year!  And he's happy enough with his puppy shorts and "Bah Hum Bug" top!  

Enjoy your Christmas break, we'll be back in the New Year!