More sewing and a little bit of baking

So I forgot to write about my Pocket Shorts! A couple of weeks ago, when I was super busy with orders, we had two birthday parties for friends of Miss 8. I made each of them a pair of the pocket shorts, in the long (below knee) length.  Mr 8 loves dinosaurs, so we made him dinosaur shorts, but I forgot to take a photo!  However he was wearing them at the school Christmas Concert tonight, so I got a photo then!  Mr 9 tends more towards plain shorts and pants, so we made his pair our of charcoal linen-cotton blend.  I did remember to take a photo of those ones! There's a LOT of top stitching on these shorts, which takes a lot of time, but it really does complete the look.

I managed to get some more dresses sewn too - the kids get two Christmas outfits this year, because we have the family at our place for Christmas on the 22nd, but we also have dinner with the family on Christmas day, and you can't wear the same outfit twice... Or maybe it's just that Mummy would prefer to sew two outfits than do laundry that close to Christmas.  Let's keep that between us, shall we? The kids don't need to know that I'm lazy!  Miss 8's second Christmas dress is made from a fabric from The Material Girl Australia, which was a pre-order fabric back in July! I don't usually start thinking about Christmas that early, but I think I'll have to next year, because this fabric is lovely!  This is a new pattern, which I'm considering offering.  It's available in size 1 - 12 and has several different skirt and bodice options, similar to the Saskia! This is the A-line skirt option, with simple front and kiss back.  This dress will be product tested over the next 6 months, and will release next year, if suitable.  Watch for items tagged as Lily for other variations of this dress as I share them.

I also made were this sweet 60's style shift dress for one of my client's older daughter.  I don't usually make adult sized clothing, but this was a special request, with fabric and pattern supplied!  

I still have heaps of baking to do, as well as some more sewing... And Christmas is fast approaching! The kids are already in their last week of school and kindergarten, so I really need to knuckle down this week and get it all finished!  For accountability, there's Christmas cakes to bake, pork to brine, chicken to marinate, bathers, rashies and shirts to sew, plus I need to decide if I want baked ham or plain, how I'm going to do the salmon, and what to do for starter and dessert... It never ends!