Photo Shoot Appreciation

Can I just stop here for a minute and say how much FUN I had on photo shoot day?  It was just the best day, not stressful, not hard work... just great people and so much fun!  I feel the need to do a bit of a run down of thanks, so you can see all the work that went into it!

Firstly, to all the parents of the gorgeous kids who came and modeled for us - thanks for letting us borrow your kids!  I know our kids had a great time, and you've all told me your kids had a great time, but it's so nice to have friends like you!  

To my beautiful sister who came down and did age-appropriate make-up and hair for all the kids who wanted it - you're a super star!  I really appreciate all you do xxx

To the lovely Tania of Sweet and Savoury for the amazing cake! Suited theme perfectly, and was delicious as well!  Yes, we ate the cake after the photo shoot.  No regrets!

And Marc, ever supportive photographer extraordinaire! Couldn't have done it without you!