Wedding Bells!

My brother and his fiancee are getting married next month, so I've been super busy preparing our wedding outfits!  Miss 6 is so super excited that she gets to go to a real wedding that it's all we've been hearing about for months!

Miss 6's dress is made from a Butterick "retro" 1961 pattern, in fabric chosen by the Bride to Be.  The phrase "I don't care what you have organised for [Miss 6], she needs to wear this!" may have been uttered!  She was joking... but also not joking, so what's a good future sister-in-law to do? :)

I also made her a little jacket, because she might get chilly in the evening!  Every six year old needs a satin jacket, right?

Mr 3 has a shirt to match Miss 6's dress, because why not?  He's also VERY helpful, turning my bridesmaid dress into a racetrack for his cars... Still to make Marc's matching shirt, and I have several other projects on the go, including a large embroidery project for the Bride-to-be and a present for my sister, who is due to have her first child at some point in the next 6 weeks... Rushed off my feet!