It's a very Harry Potter sort of day

Miss 8 is obsessed with Harry Potter at the moment.  In fairness to her, with the family that she's in, it was somewhat inevitable!  Every year, for the past 3 years, she's been given the illustrated book from Aunty Karla and Uncle Robbie for either her birthday or Christmas (depending on if it's been released by her birthday!).  She has those little pop vinyl figurines. She had a Harry Potter themed birthday party this year - I went overboard and made robes and wands for 20 kids! You can see Mr 4 in the cover photo for this blog entry! Then it rained all day and we had to move venue from the park to my house, where I hadn't done any housework for 2 weeks because the kids and I had all been sick and Marc was away for work... but that's another story!

For book week this year, she went as Hermione, of course.  And the school entered a competition to win a set of books for the library, and a few other things, and they won!  One of the prizes was "Harry Potter Day" - a witch or wizard from Hogwarts will come to Miss 8's school, and run a special program for all the kids... it's going to be great fun.  I made banners for the school, with some help from my friend Darryl, who is in the process of setting up a vinyl cutting business - A Figment of Your Imagination.  

Miss 8 is in green house.  Which means... Slytherin! She was, at first, quite upset.  We're only up to book 3, she doesn't think much of them so far!  But we had a talk, and she's come around... and really, she makes a pretty good Slytherin!